A Distributed Financial Institution

Built on distributed ledger technology, our platform enables greater transparency, efficiency, privacy and security for organisations and vulnerable communities.

The Disberse Network

The Disberse Network is built on distributed ledger technology and uses smart contracts to automate transactions.

This innovative approach will change the way in which aid finance flows. As well as creating a more resilient and efficient platform for fund management, it will improve tracking and analysis.

Harnessing Distributed Ledger Technology

We believe that DLT can deliver significant value for the aid industry, but not necessarily inside organisations - instead we have built a DLT-based platform as a financial service, enabling faster, more efficient and more transparent transactions.

Building an Open Ecosystem

We believe that the aid industry should be more transparent, so we want to lead by example. We actively look to integrate with other service providers to create an ecosystem of financial services for the aid industry.

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