A Regulated Financial Institution

Why you can trust Disberse

Disberse is authorised as a small electronic money institution by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom, giving you the assurance that your funds are safe with us.

Safeguarding your funds

Like a bank, we take our responsibility of managing your money, very seriously. Unlike a bank, we will not invest your deposits, so your funds are always protected.

We issue electronic money (e-money) onto our platform, which is backed by deposits held in segregation. We will never issue more money into circulation than we hold in segregation.

Additionally, we do not use cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin) due to their volatile prices and lack of regulation; and because we do not believe that they solve the problems faced by the aid industry.

Eliminating Financial Crime

As a Payment Services Provider, we take our responsibility to compliance and regulation seriously - for ourselves, our clients and our partners. Disberse will actively prevent and take measures to guard against being used as a vehicle for money laundering activities, terrorism financing activities, or any other criminal activity.

Protecting user data

We are committed to ensuring that privacy and security are at the centre of everything we do - particularly when it involves some of the most vulnerable communities in the world. We recognise that this is not a tick-box exercise, but a continual process of improving how we work, taking into account key legislation such as the GDPR.

Adhering to ethics

We intend for principles to be at the heart of our work. We will always seek to apply relevant codes of conduct from both the aid industry and the finance sector to our own work.

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